LIXIL’s Best Design and Technology Just Got Sleeker

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 2020

LIXIL’s Best Design and Technology Just Got Sleeker

Brought to you by American Standard

Acacia SupaSleek

The latest Acacia SupaSleek, an extension of the Acacia Evolution collection by American Standard, features innovative technologies while paring down proportions to only the essentials, hence creating sleeker lines for a timeless, modern bathroom.

Thinner than ever

The latest ThinEdge ceramic technology allows Acacia SupaSleek basins to have streamlined edges of only 5 millimetres thin yet maintaining the strength and resilience of regular basins. Human-centred design elements are as important. Framed raised edges on the basin deck prevent water from spilling over and curves on the deck allow easy cleaning.

In addition, the comprehensive lavatory range includes aesthetically pleasing slender tank lids—a subtle stylish appearance that will appeal to urban dwellers. The CrystaSleek toilet seat and cover are also a key innovation. Using a dual injection moulding process, the result is a slim yet resilient design that matches any bathroom style.

Advanced technology

In addition to a sleeker design, hygiene remains one of the collection’s top priorities. Featuring the HygieneClean system, it offers the award-winning Aqua Ceramic technology that prevents dirt and stains from adhering to its ceramic surface, as well as the ComfortClean technology that effectively inhibits the growth of E. coli bacteria. The Power Rim technology and the Double Vortex flushing system in the rimless bowls ensure good hygiene and the ease of cleaning.

Commitment to sustainability

American Standard remains committed to sustainability. The efficient Double Vortex flushing system ensures maximum flushing performance with minimum water usage, saving approximately 22,776 litres of water in a year for a family of four. The faucets in the Acacia Evolution collection are engineered with water and energy-saving technology, where air is infused into the water in the Airnergize hand showers to give a feeling of a full shower spray, hence consuming less water.

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