Premium Façades That are Reliable and Valuable

Jul - Aug 2017

Premium Façades That are Reliable and Valuable

Brought to you by Swisspearl

A façade is the defining element of every building—the first and last impression. It is the two- and three-dimensional expression of architectonic creativity and the leeway available for accentuation and differentiation. Additionally, the façade serves as the protective envelope. A façade with a long service life will ensure lasting comfort.

Swisspearl façades combine diverse designs and long-lasting functional reliability for a high living standard, and panels are installed to provide uninterrupted rear ventilation. This fully developed cladding system effectively protects the building from the elements for decades, where the panels are incombustible, resistant to decay and virtually maintenance-free.

Freedom of design with distinction
The large-format Swisspearl panels offer façades what they need: an individuality, texture, colour and, most importantly, a highly effective protective layer. With an extensive selection of surface options, various types of joints and fastenings, and panel formats that can be freely selected within the maximum useable size, the brand offers the possibilities in creativity and aesthetic quality. The panels come in a wide range of more than 70 standard colours.

About the company
For many years, Swisspearl has been developing creative and environmentally friendly products made of natural materials. For the use in building envelopes and interior designs, it is focused on the aesthetics, quality and responsibility towards the people and the environment. The products from the workshops in Niederurnen and Payerne in Switzerland have become an essential part of the building industry. The company collaborates with more than 80 contractual partners in over 50 countries, thereby ensuring that it is always available to its customers. The guiding principles of Swisspearl are its own highquality requirements and the will to develop and produce forward-looking, functionally and aesthetically convincing designs in an ongoing partnership with architects, designers, craftspeople and building material suppliers.

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