Ready-To-Use Adhesive for Wooden Flooring by Mapei

1st Quarter 2020

Ready-To-Use Adhesive for Wooden Flooring by Mapei

Brought to you by Mapei

Ultrabond P990 1K is a polyurethane one-component adhesive for all types of wooden flooring. It is ready to use and does not require a catalyser or successive mixing. With a low VOC emission level, the adhesive qualifies for the GEV certified EC1 R Plus label. It does not contain solvents or substances that give off odours, thus making it safe for users and the environment.

Ultrabond P990 1K has the following characteristics that are advantageous for application:

• Its low viscosity allows less effort for application.

• Its higher yield makes for lower consumption per square metre; a single 15-kilogramme unit can lay up to 20 square metres of parquet.

• Its prolonged open time allows for operations that require extended preparation times (cutting special shapes, laying inserts as well as fitting around doors and corners, etc.) to be carried out easily.

• Its good rib stability and straight-line hold technique ensure a good buttering for a long-lasting laying process, where it is important that the adhesive butters more than 60 per cent of the back of the parquet.

Ultrabond P990 1K can be used on all types of wooden floors, such as those for bonding pre-finished lamparquet, pin-wheels and jointed planks on cementitious screeds and similar products; old wooden floors; ceramic; or marble. For more information, please visit

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