Fun Taps for A Chic, Minimalist Bathroom Decor

Jan - Feb 2017

Fun Taps for A Chic, Minimalist Bathroom Decor

Brought to you by Antonio Lupi

A play on meanings transforms an emergency button into a common lever for everyday use—antoniolupi introduces a smart operating mode with the Gi-RA design, adding an inviting touch of fun and colour to any shower space.

Made of satin steel, Mayday is a single lever wall-mounted mixer that is suitable for sink taps, showerheads or hand showers. The water jet opens by means of an axial movement—not as one would expect by pressing the button—by pulling it outwards, towards the user. The mixing of the water jet takes place by turning it to the right or left, while pressing the button once more closes the jet.

This is a new way of interpreting the mixer, redefining its characteristics and modes of operation. For more information, please visit

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