Bona SuperSport expands with new solutions for wood & resilient sports floors

2nd Quarter 2021

Bona SuperSport expands with new solutions for wood & resilient sports floors

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With a long track record in sports floor treatment, Bona’s complete range of solutions for wood and resilient floors continues to grow, meeting increasing challenges of floor care with top performance.

Bona SuperSport System
The Bona SuperSport System is a complete programme of products and services specially developed to meet the requirements of modern wood and resilient sports floors. From the working process and safety of our products, to finished surfaces and their maintenance, Bona offers world-class standards that global professional arenas as well as sport authorities such as FIBA trust. There are now two new FIBA approved topcoats for wood that are added to the range. All sports rely on the type of court and floor for a good performance. Floors have to meet the needs of athletes in everything from basketball and badminton to weightlifting and futsal. Furthermore, there are different solutions depending on the type of hall. From schools and training facilities to arenas, multisport halls and other indoor spaces dedicated to sports, floors need to meet all kinds of demands. Bona SuperSport System provides the optimal surface regardless of the requirements or activity. Its full compatibility of primers, finishes, paints and cleaners ensure the best results in minimal time. “The Bona SuperSport system offers versatility and design freedom in renovation, as well as effective protection and maintenance for all sports floors,” said Thomas Hallberg, Director of Product Management, Bona AB.

About the company
Established in 1919, Bona is a world-leading innovator with a unique system for wooden floor treatment. Through subsidiaries and distributors, it has a local presence in more than 90 different countries, enabling them to work closely with their customers and craftsmen. Bona’s long commitment and passion for wooden floors enable it to offer lasting, sustainable results that meet all wooden floor needs for professionals and floor owners alike.

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