Eco-Friendly Equipment for Pools and Spas

May - Jun 2017

Eco-Friendly Equipment for Pools and Spas

Brought to you by Pentair

A well-appointed pool is an appealing and refreshing addition to the atmosphere, as well as an oasis of relaxation and comfort for guests. Pool equipment from Pentair Aquatic Systems is the answer to luxury pools that operate with excellent efficiency, minimising energy use and maintenance expense. Its pool products are recognised for effectiveness, dependability and environmental responsibility.

Pentair delivers aquatic product lines with outstanding quality. With one of the largest research and development teams in the industry, all Pentair products are backed by cutting-edge technology. Users can expect energy-efficient performances, ease of operation and excellent reliability. The company offers customers assistance in all phases of the design process, whether it is a competition pool; water theme park; spa; fountain; aquarium; and much more.

Pentair is a global leader in the pool equipment and accessories as well as deck equipment industries, setting new standards in the commercial and residential pool market with an outstanding group of products. With pumps, filters, heaters, controllers, sanitisers and lighting, Pentair is a one-stop aquatic equipment manufacturer.

Furthermore, the company has made a strong commitment to develop and offer environmentally responsible products. The Eco Select brand is the keystone of this Green programme, which meets the objectives of a growing number of pool owners who wish to make affordable yet eco-friendly choices. It offers energy savings, lower maintenance and quiet operation, allowing users to save up to 90 percent in utility cost.

To learn how much energy cost can be saved by switching from standard pool products to Pentair’s, please visit calculator/ to use the Energy Saving Pool Calculator.

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