Cured and Dimensionally Stable Screed

Jan - Feb 2018

Cured and Dimensionally Stable Screed

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The screed is a layer of cementitious mortar that is installed directly onto a substrate. Its purpose is to bring the installation surface of the flooring to the designed height and provide a suitable surface for installing the specified flooring, thus affecting its durability and functionality. Screeds are usually made up of cement, sand or aggregates, and water.

Reduced curing time for screeds with MAPEI’s Topcem Pronto
The curing time for a 20-millimetre-thick screed that is made from traditional cementitious mortar is normally about 14 days. During the curing cycle, screeds are prone to hygrometric shrinkage—evaporation of water that causes the screed to shrink and reduce in volume. Adding too much water to the mix leads to higher shrinkage and a longer time to dry, and may result in a detached floor covering when the screed is bonded before excess water has evaporated.

Topcem Pronto offers a considerably reduced curing time. It is a screed mortar that:
• Dries rapidly
• Has controlled shrinkage
• Allows light foot traffic after 12 hours
• Can be completely dried in four days (less than 2 per cent residual moisture content)
• Able to receive ceramic tiles after 24 hours and natural stone flooring after two days
• Self-levelling compound can be applied after four days to receive resilient covering

Since it is pre-blended, Topcem Pronto can be easily prepared with just a mix of water. Furthermore, it sets in the same amount of time as conventional cement-based mortars but has a quicker drying time. Hence, it is ideal for repairing screeds in areas where it is required to lay floorings in a short amount of time, for example, supermarkets, shops, residences, offices, etc.

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