Swimming Pool Technology

Jul - Aug 2016

Swimming Pool Technology

Brought to you by Pentair

Pentair Aquatic Systems is a global one-stop manufacturer of swimming pool equipment and accessories with high-quality, efficient and long-lasting products. The company provides the latest energy-saving pool equipment to top commercial and residential projects.

With over 40 years of engineering excellence, it has strengthened the market with its product range: pumps, filters, heaters, controllers, etc. These products are supported by advanced technology and the largest research and development team in the industry.

As an experienced supplier of pool equipment, their specialists can assist customers on choosing the best pool equipment, including an integrated system package, whether planning for a residence; a competition pool; a super-sized themed water park; an aquarium; a fountain; or an aquatic environment.

The company’s technological breakthroughs include the Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump, which has been proven to reduce pump energy costs.

For more information, please visit www.pentairpoolasia.com.

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