Circular design to cool every corner

4th Quarter 2021

Circular design to cool every corner

Brought to you by Samsung

Samsung 360 Cassette offers a brand new way of staying comfortably cool in every corner of the room. Its innovative circular design not only means it fits well everywhere and adds a sophisticated look to different sites, but also provides omni-directional wind that allows a consistent, even temperature in the entire room. In addition, the technology behind the bladeless design helps to reduce the loss of discharged air, thus quicker in cooling the environment. Together with its PM1.0 Filter, users can enjoy both comfortable cooling and clean air at the same time.

Bladeless design with the Booster Fan

Samsung 360 Cassette has a distinctive bladeless design featuring the Booster Fan technology. It creates a low-pressure area around the circular outlet, allowing cool air to be expelled at much lower angles, which spreads further before descending gently like a natural wind. This technology keeps users comfortably cool without feeling the direct cold draft on their skin. In addition, more air can be expelled thanks to the bladeless design, allowing for quicker cooling.

Omni-directional wind

With a circular, bladeless air outlet, Samsung 360 Cassette blows cool air into every corner of the room, maintaining an even and comfortable temperature in the spaces.

Boost your hygiene with PM1.0

Samsung 360 Cassette offers an optional Purifying Panel1 that keeps indoor air fresh and clean. Consisting of two types of filter—a Pre-Filter and a PM1.0 Filter—the former blocks large particles while the latter effectively captures ultra-fine dust and sterilises up to 99 per cent of bacteria2. The effectiveness of PM1.0 filter in sterilising bacteria has also been verified by Intertek3, and it comes with an Air Purity Level Display that indicates the pollution level.

Convenience at your fingertips with SmartThings

Users can remotely control the 360 Cassette anytime and anywhere using the Smart Wi-Fi function on their smartphones4. They can perform various actions like turning on or off the air-conditioner, selecting the operating modes, adjusting the temperature and scheduling the operation of the air-conditioner, among others.

1 This function is optional. PM1.0 filter, the number, and the shape of filters may vary by model and by country.

2 Intertek report shows the PM1.0 filter sterilizes tested microorganisms – Escherichia coli: above 99 per cent, Staphylococcus aureus: above 99 per cent.

3 Tested on the AM***KN4D*** model under specific testing conditions and may vary depending on specific factors and use. Based on Intertek test report (No.: RT20ES0010-R).

4 Available on Android and iOS devices. An optional Wi-Fi Kit (MIM-H03N or higher) with a Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

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