Façades with Signature Finishes

Jan - Feb 2017

Façades with Signature Finishes

Brought to you by Sto SEA

When it comes to façade decoration, render and paints are the classic choices that lend themselves to new interpretations. Sto offers a host of façade textures and effects to create distinctive signature styles, connecting every link in the chain from the conception of an idea, design and planning to reliable implementation.

StoSignature provides a sophisticated system of material combinations and techniques for rendered façades, allowing customers to decorate with tried and tested yet distinctive finishes. Materials range from classic textured render to free-style textured finish in various grain sizes, providing a scope for new combinations and techniques. Users can select from a wide range of colours, coatings, glazes and effects, and work with special materials such as natural fine aggregates, transparent glass chips and silicon carbide to customise their own masterpieces.

For more information, please visit www.sto-sea.com or email [email protected].

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