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Year-End Issue 2017

There are no sustainable buildings without sustainable cities. And while a sustainable city encompasses numerous characteristics, a key attribute is that it is inclusive; it offers amenities and rights to people of different standing and needs. The Main Feature in this issue looks at inclusivity through the filter of urban quality (Urban Portraits: Kuala Lumpur). Our Malaysia correspondent, Dr Zalina Shari and designer/photographer, Hans Lim, had mapped a selection of spaces in their hometown. Here, curation of spaces and images is the point of view. Through their eyes, the city reveals itself at the intersection of modernity and tradition. Some spaces are infused with culture, politics and religion; some are framed by contemporary skyscrapers. The most interesting ones are the least expected. Augmenting the Kuala Lumpur spreads, we have an interview with Tri Rismaharini, the current mayor of Surabaya, Indonesia. She talks about her work in shaping the city and its self-image. Harry Serrano writes about new infrastructure in the Greater Capital Region, a polycentric cluster surrounding Manila. The project in Fuzhou, China presents itself as...
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