To Infinity and Beyond

Institutional / 2nd Quarter 2024

To Infinity and Beyond

June 11, 2024


For some of us, some of the most fun or memorable times would be during recess or break time in between study periods when we were in primary/ elementary or middle school. For those few precious minutes, some kids would rush to grab a bite, while others would burst into a common square or schoolyard to play and expend their ‘potential’ energies.

In this way, play areas in schools can be considered ‘in-between’ spaces insofar as they are occupied by the kids in between lesson periods or in between after-school and home; and the areas themselves are often spaces in between separate buildings or structures.

Here, we look at two intimately scaled interventions that have been thoughtfully and sensitively designed and engineered to optimise the space given for kids to play. They could even potentially lead the way into replacing the use of concrete for such small-scale constructions in the country.

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