Living In Between Nature

Residential / 2nd Quarter 2024

Living In Between Nature

June 11, 2024

In Asia’s compact living environments, gardens or green lots are still sometimes relegated to ‘nice-to-have’ decorative elements on the borders or leftover areas of activity zones. If one is fortunate enough to own a property on which to build one’s home, then perhaps natural flora does not have to be an after-thought or option for residual spaces.

What if instead of incorporating natural greenery or flora to occupy the in-between spaces in residences, we make them part of the daily living experience? Could we craft living areas out of these green/natural spaces?

Here, we showcase two houses with living spaces that ‘flow’ between significant natural elements, with different sensibilities. One is a public-spirited home with visitors coming and going, sitting within gardens that have been cared for over several generations; the other is a protected but open dwelling within the hectic bustle of a city, which has ‘carved out’ massive volumes to incorporate hanging gardens and a pond.

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