Veil House

Residential / 4th Quarter 2022

Veil House

December 7, 2022

The architecture of Veil House seeks to have a larger social impact or, at least, the ambition to provide an alternative to closed-off gated developments.

Ayutt and Associates design, the architects behind Veil House, revealed that the house was “designed not as a unicentric project that adds little value to the community, [but rather] a house that responds not only to one family, but also considers the surrounding families within the neighbourhood.”

Such a spirit of neighbourliness by way of extending one’s property is not commonly found—who would allocate space from one’s private abode for neighbours or passers-by? While this does not mean free rein to the house, the approach in opening the space to public access is considered novel.

The two-storey house follows a standard L-shaped plan, which—instead of arranging the house along the site’s perimeter around a central court, and thus shunning the surroundings—it is encapsulated with gardens, which are not hidden away but shared.

Preserving privacy while allowing a ‘dialogue’ with the neighbours, the house is ‘veiled’ under layers of carefully considered, designed and positioned screens, so that the gardens are shared with the community—either indirectly through views or direct use—according to their relationship with the owner. As such, the house engages with the surroundings in a precise and controlled manner.

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Project Name
Veil House

Sukhumvit 101 Road, Bangkok, Thailand


Lead Designer
Ayutt Mahasom

Architecture Firm
Ayutt and Associates design (AAd)

Interior Designer
Ayutt and Associates design (AAd)

Landscape Designer
Ayutt and Associates design (AAd)

Lighting Designer
Ayutt and Associates design (AAd)

Site Area
1,000 square metres

Construction Area
950 square metres

Ayutt and Associates design; Chalermwat Wongchompoo (Sofography)

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