A market with a view: Tainan Market, Taiwan by MVRDV

Commercial, Online Exclusive Feature / 2023

A market with a view: Tainan Market, Taiwan by MVRDV

March 1, 2023

Markets are usually housed in simple kiosks or sheds. But what if the typology is combined with a public green space?

This wholesale market for fruits and vegetables was constructed in East Tainan as an important hub for the city’s food supply chain. Located near a highway with public transport links, it is easily accessible from the surrounding farmlands and urban areas.

The design comprises an open-air structure with a green roof. Forming a series of rolling hills, this roof is a continuation of the surrounding landscape. Terrace steps allow visitors to access the roof, next to a four-storey structure that contains offices and an exhibition area. This area will be used to display the region’s agricultural products.

Currently, the roof’s landscape features grass and patches of flowers. The original design proposed to grow crops of fruit and vegetables on the roof, and the architects are hopeful that this feature could be developed in the future. The roof can then serve as an educational farm, where visitors can learn first-hand about how food is grown and understand the supply chain that delivers it to their plates.

Below the roof, the market space is kept simple and functional. The structure is open on all sides with high ceilings that allow for ample cross-ventilation. The green roof further helps to passively cool the space, making it comfortable in Taiwan’s warm summers. These energy-efficient features has led the market to be awarded with EEWH–BC (Ecological, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction, Health–Basic Category) Silver certification.


Project Name
Tainan Xinhua Fruit and Vegetable Market

Tainan City, Taiwan

Completion Year

Tainan City Government Agricultural Bureau

12,331 square metres (wholesale market)

Architecture Firm

LLJ Architects

Yuh-Tong Construction Co., LTD.; Jiuyang Electric And Plumbing Engineering Co. Ltd.

Landscape Architect
The Urbanists Collaborative

Structural Engineer
Columbus Engineering Consultants Inc.

Frontier Tech Institute Co., Ltd

Soil and Water
Kuo Soil and Water Technicians

Green Building
Green Building Technology Consultants


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