Thu Thiem Central Plaza and Riverside Park

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Thu Thiem Central Plaza and Riverside Park

January 26, 2021

This project design won the first prize in an international competition for the Thu Thiem Central Plaza and Riverside Park, organised by ICA and Sazaki in 2008. The central plaza and river park is a multifunctional realm, a poetic signature of the natural geography. The design is not merely a plan drawn on the surface—it brings attention to the many layers of soil underneath, where sedimentation from the Saigon River is part of the city’s history.

From the central lake of Thu Thiem Peninsula to the CBD

Thanks to two footbridges connecting Thu Thiem Peninsula with District 1, the public spaces are easily identifiable. Pedestrian will be able to walk via the footbridges to a new public space that is recently developed on the Nguyen Hue Boulevard that ends at the Statue of Ho Chi Minh and City People’s Committee.

All pedestrian sidewalks will follow the existing layout found in a number of main roads in District 1, in order to create a seamless connection with the city center. This layout will be widely replicated in the new urban area.


Schematic concept

There will be three layers of elements attached to the existing urban axis:


1. Aquatic garden

Central Plaza and River Park face two major problems that need to be addressed:

  • Soil and water salinisation
  • Acidification that can impede the growth of plants

The first thing is to determine the solutions to prevent reverse water osmosis and isolate vegetation areas to avoid the exposure to groundwater. Next is to determine the list of plant types that are able to adapt to the actual weather conditions.

2. Valley

The valley will be highlighted by the greenery and vegetation to create an ideal and dynamic area for public activities.


3. The belvederes

This will be a large space, with trees integrated into the plaza providing shade for pedestrians.



Project Name   Thu Thiem Central Plaza and Riverside Park
LocationHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Status  Basic Design documentation approved by Department of Transport; the investment intends to continue the project in March 2020
Site Area29 hectares
ClientDai Quang Minh HCMC People’s Committee
Architectural FirmDE-SO ASIA; C. Dalnoky; Tedi South; TA; Hydratec; RFR; ASA; Boydens
Principal ArchitectDE-SO ASIA
Images/Photos DE-SO ASIA

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