Stepping Park House | FGLA 2019 Merit

Residential / 2nd Quarter 2019

Stepping Park House | FGLA 2019 Merit

May 14, 2019

The opportunity to design a house located next to greenery is rare in Ho Chi Minh City. Thus, taking advantage of this chance, the house was designed to become a living extension of its surroundings. The greenery of the park seems to ‘grow into’ the house as it gently steps back on each level to create a large central void connecting different spaces and activities throughout.

The spaces inside are stacked in such a way that it creates a large volume stepping up to the roof, linking all the activities and making sure natural light penetrates all the way. Ivy wrapped around the façade, along with the layering of glazed sliding doors, further diffuses the harsh sunlight and helps in filtering out air pollution.

The trees and plants around the façade and terrace offer other organisms such as birds and insects to coexist and be part of the same fabric—the house gives back and becomes part of the natural landscape. The fenestrations and the central volume ensure a steady flow of wind movement from the park throughout the spaces. The vegetation used indoors helps in reducing heat gain internally and moderating the breeze from the outdoor spaces. With these strategies, the house integrates harmoniously with the surroundings, bringing the green space inwards and optimises the client’s budget.


Project NameStepping Park House
LocationHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Completion Date2018
Site Area252 square metres
Gross Floor Area475 square metres
Number of RoomsCommon space; 3 bedrooms
Building Height12.7 metres
Architecture FirmVo Trong Nghia Architects
Principal ArchitectsVo Trong Nghia; Hidetoshi Sawa
Main ContractorWind and Water House JSC

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