Apartment in Binh Thanh

Residential / 1st Quarter 2024

Apartment in Binh Thanh

March 20, 2024


While the context of a private residence could be highly customised to the inhabitants’ lifestyle and needs, communal housing could not be as specific—it needs to strike a balance between having standardised services and functions while also offering variety for a diverse user base.

This was what the architects aimed to provide for a walk-up apartment in Binh Thanh, which has now been used for over seven years. On a narrow and winding plot, spanning 40 metres long, it was designed to have five rentable residential units plus two more units for the owner and their parents. Walking inside from the parking space, a side corridor opens up to a common courtyard with gardens that all the sheltered terraces (lanai) are oriented towards.

“Seven years after the construction, it is still being used as an apartment, although the owner has changed,” the architect updated FuturArc. “The trees in the courtyard are much larger, and the residents are very much enjoying the view from their rooms. In particular, the large terraces that open towards the courtyard side is very well used, and the residents seem to enjoy the lush outdoor space despite being in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City.”


Project Name
Apartment in Binh Thanh

Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Completion Date
October 2016

Site Area
204.7 square metres

Gross Floor Area
431.2 square metres (interior: 333.5 square metres; exterior: 97.7 square metres)

Number of Rooms

Building Height
13.4 metres

Architecture Firm

Principal Architect
Sanuki Daisuke

Main Contractor
Handled by client

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Technical Hung Viet Company Ltd.

Civil & Structural Engineer
Tam Sau Mechanical and Construction Co., Ltd.

Hiroyuki Oki

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