Commercial / Mar - Apr 2017


March 23, 2017

Located in Kirti Nagar, a densely populated industrial market in Delhi, the project is a production unit of garments, a single facility that consolidates the manufacturing process of fabrics from raw materials to finished products, exclusively for export.

Besides ensuring the inherent quality of fabrics and the finished garments, the clients wanted to establish a healthy, happy and environmentally friendly production of supplies in order to encourage effective productivity. The project borrows from the surrounding landscape; its first appearance from the approach road evokes the geometry and fabric of the neighbouring façades. 


Project Name Pixelet blank
Location New Delhi, Malaysia
Completion Date 2016
Site Area 33,597 square meters
Gross Floor Area 87,935 square meters
Building Height 65 feet
Architectural Firm Armit Khanna Design Associates (AKDA)
Principal Architects Amit Khanna
Main Contractor Palak Construction
Civil &Structural Engineer Space Consulting
Images/Photos AKDA

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