Neeson Cripps Academy

Institutional / Jan - Feb 2017

Neeson Cripps Academy

January 23, 2017
Neeson Cripps Academy is a school for secondary education in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Founded by Scott Neeson’s Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) and funded by Velcro Companies, the school will provide a high-quality learning programme to the city’s underprivileged children: a robust English language curriculum; STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) subjects; access to the latest digital technologies; and global connectivity through e-learning.


The architects wanted to build a learning compound with interactive and flexible gathering spaces. Much of the ground level will be left open to provide a sheltered space with a visual connection to a large courtyard garden—this seeks to maximise natural lighting and lessen the school’s vulnerability to flooding.



Project NameNeeson Cripps Academy
LocationPhnom Penh, Cambodia
Expected CompletionFebruary 2017
StatusUnder construction
Site Area1,520 square meters
Gross Floor Area3,700 square meters
Number of Rooms1 gallery space; 1 multipurpose room; 20 classrooms; 1 courtyard; 1 rooftop sports court; 1 rooftop garden
Building Height20 meters
Client/OwnerCambodian Children’s Fund; Velcro Companies
Architectural FirmCOOKFOX Architects
Principal ArchitectsRick Cock; Pam Campbell
Design TeamCiaran Conlon; Antarkasih Tandon; tyler Caine; Mark Canfield; Julie Fisher; Marguirite Lefevre
Main ContractorAdvance Construction (Cambodia) Co Ltd
Construction ManagementACH Management (Cambodia) Co, Ltd
Mechanical &Electrical EngineerOptima Consultants Ltd.
Civil &Structural EngineeriLi Consulting Engineers Mekong Ltd. (design); Arcadia (thailand) Co Ltd. (construction)
Images/PhotosCOOKFOX Architects

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