Floating House in Thu Duc

Residential / 1st Quarter 2024

Floating House in Thu Duc

March 20, 2024


In the suburban setting of Thu Duc in Ho Chi Minh City, this curiously skeletal house was tailor-made for a young Vietnamese couple.

The architect had to address a looming threat: flooding from the nearby river during the rainy season. Other buildings in the neighbourhood have had their ground floor elevated at least 80 centimetres above the street level. In this case, the clients requested to have the first floor elevated by 1 metre. They also wish to preserve ample green space on the site, which can help absorb high volumes of excess stormwater.

The bare ‘floating’ concept that followed to create an exposed house is not a common one. The architecture comprises three ribbed floor slabs, sandwiching between them the living spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows and open-air corridors. 

Only the bathrooms, the entrance foyer, kitchen area and rooftop M&E storage space are walled, with the rest of spaces—even the bedroom—totally exposed with see-through glass. Trees that surround the house become a key element that offers privacy for its inhabitants.


Project Name
Floating House in Thu Duc

Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Completion Date
October 2022

Site Area
500 square metres

Gross Floor Area
325 square metres (interior: 100 square metres; exterior: 225 square metres)

Number of Rooms

Building Height
9.1 metres (2 storeys)

Architecture Firm

Principal Architect
Sanuki Daisuke

Main Contractor
Coppha Builders Construction Co., Ltd

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Hung Viet TST Corp.

Civil & Structural Engineer
Thanh Cong Construction Design Company

Hiroyuki Oki

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