Aravali Institute of Management

Institutional / Jan - Feb 2017

Aravali Institute of Management

The Aravali Institute of Management is the brainchild of Varun Arya, an Indian entrepreneur, educationist, and presently, director of the institute. It was his vision and perseverance that led to the decade-long transformation of what was once called the “worst land in Rajasthan” to the viridescent green belt and popular education campus it is today.

The fin de had comprehensively sealed the fate of this plot of land, as all experts alike had categorically denounced it. The Central Arid Zone  Research Institute (Jodhpur), Ministry of Agriculture, adjudged that the plot is located on a land with high inherent salinity. The Indian Space Research Organization (SRO) averred that the campus land was an extreme wasteland and its development was inevitably going to cost enormous effort and money.

However, for a sole entrepreneur set back b budgetary constraints, the options were limited. Spurred on by his dream of establishing a top-quality educational institute in his home state, Area proceeded to acquire the only parcel of land he could afford at the time, and embarked on what was to be a remarkable journey of transformation.

Project Name Aravali Institute of Management
Location Village Karpada, Tehsil Bilara, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Expected Completion Approximately 2026
Status Phase 1 completed 2013; construction on phase 2 has begun
Site Area 94.4 acres
Gross Floor Area 28,000 square feet (Phase 1)
Number of Rooms 24
Building Height 11 feet
Client Owner Marwar Education Foundation
Main Contractor Local labour
Images/Photos Varun Arya

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