Apollo Tyres Global RD Center

Commercial / May - Jun 2017

Apollo Tyres Global RD Center

May 23, 2017

The project is a centre for study, creativity, innovation and growth, as well as to carry out extensive testing and experimentation in high-performance laboratories in the field of automobile tyres. The client’s brief required a building that was modular, allowing for future expansion, and one that would express the modern and global direction of the company.

The centre is located in Oragadam, an industrial corridor on the outskirts of Chennai. The 5-acre site for the R&D Center is part of a 200-acre manufacturing plant for Apollo Tyres and is surrounded by other mega automobile and related factories. With due consideration to its immediate ‘hard’ setting and the nature of the product, namely tyres, the aim was to create a micro-environment that is ‘soft’, soothing and calm—an oasis in a way.

Project Name Apollo Tyres Global R&D Center blank
Location Chennai, India
Completion Date November 2016
Site Area 5 acres
Gross Floor Area 73,500 square meters
Building Height 15 meters
Client/Owner Apollo Tyres Limited
Architectural Firm Calm Studio Desing
Principal Architects Harshan Thomson; Subramaniam Dharmaraj; Meenakshi Srinivasan
Main Contractor Ganesan Builders
Mechanical &Electrical Engineer Air Design Engineers
Civil &Structural Engineer United Consultants
Images/Photos Calm Studio Design; Harshan Thomson

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