Dalat Farm

Commercial, Landscape / 1st Quarter 2020

Dalat Farm

Located in the hills of Khe Sanh, south of Dalat City, in the highlands, this 2-hectare site opens out to a valley. The farm is intended as a prototype project, blending architecture, landscape and economic interests—taking into consideration the ecological environment, especially soil, water and the biosphere.

Seeking an alternative to the dominant model of omnipresent monocultures and greenhouses, which are the main reasons behind poor soil quality, groundwater quality and groundwater reserves, the project team developed an approach relying on polyculture, combining crops and animal husbandry without chemically interfering with the biological processes.

The built structure thus comes into a complex dialogue with the environment, a relation that acknowledges soil and water as a collective reserve that brings together energy and nutrients for various organisms.

Stocking and using rainwater to irrigate the farm is one of the project’s main concerns. A water basin in the middle of the site would be renovated to serve not only as an aesthetic element, but also for regulating irrigation.

Another challenge is to work on a site that was severely damaged by violent earthwork by the previous users—the project team decided not to build the modules directly on the ground, but to have an air layer in between; the foundation is carefully considered by not cutting through the trees’ roots.

Project Name
Dalat Farm
Building Height
5 metres
Dalat, Vietnam
Architecture Firm
Nhabe Scholae
Expected Completion
Principal Architect
Nguyen Anh Cuong
Site Area
2 hectares
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Dang Thu
Gross Floor Area
660 square metres
Civil & Structural Engineers
Nguyen An; Nguyen Hoang Bach
Number of Rooms
Nhabe Scholae

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