Cantilever House

The Cantilever House takes into account the harsh North Indian climate by employing a series of mechanisms. They minimise resource consumption and reduce the building’s environmental impact while enhancing the residents’ thermal comfort. ORIENTATION & SHADING The house records minimal heat gain throughout the day by placing the living areas in the north and the […]

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Prototype 3D-printed global habitat for sustainable living

According to a United Nations report published in 2017, nearly 5 billion people are expected to live in cities by 2030. Governments are faced with substantial challenges related to housing solutions. Seeking to provide affordable housing, TECLA is a new circular housing model that is created using entirely reusable, recyclable materials taken from the local […]

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FS Kindergarten and Nursery


This is a school for 76 children, which is built in the playground of a former facility. Under the characteristic big roof, the architects selected natural materials for the walls, floorings and ceilings. Blurring the boundaries In the dining area, children can have their meals in proximity of natural light and wind, thanks to the […]

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The Stonex administrative and industrial complex is developed as a native production-house. Considering the nature of work and the movement of raw and finished products, the building is designed with vehicular access only from one side, and not all around the building. This allows for the maximum possible green cover and softscaping, where the factory […]

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The Mann School


A home away from home—the Girls Hostel at Mann School, New Delhi, follows an empathetic design approach, offering children a safe learning environment with the freedom to interact, engage and grow. The building is located within the complex of the Mann School as the existing boarding facilities could not cater to the increasing number of […]

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House in the Sky


There is still ongoing uncertainty regarding the pandemic, as cases over the world continue to fall and rise again in some countries that are experiencing the second or third wave of cases. We have to continue to proceed with caution—indoor/home spatial design for comfort, safety and wellness remains our top priority. We are seeing an […]

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Hiraya BY Juinio Architects


Taken from an ancient Tagalog word which means dream or imagination, “Hiraya” brings into life a solid interpretation of one’s creative vision, turning it into an actual art installation. This project design is a living space where a dweller can pursue, develop and share his or her craft at the comforts of his or her home; […]

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Aemulus at the Runway


John G N Bulcock has 36 years of experience working as an architect, planner and landscape designer on a wide variety of projects in Europe, Turkey, India and Southeast Asia. His experience encompasses architecture as well as architectural, master, urban and sustainable planning. Since 1994, he has been commissioned to carry out a variety of […]

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Khatib Clubhouse


The new 21,000 square metres Khatib Clubhouse comes sustainably designed with many first-of-its-kind facilities and amenities. It had its ground-breaking ceremony on 12 July 2018 and is purpose-built with the needs of the Home Team National Servicemen (NSmen) in mind. The 21,000-square-metre five-storey clubhouse is located within walking distance of Khatib MRT station. SHAPING AN […]

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Phu My Garden


The project is situated in the context of a new urban area in a harbour industrial park, where massive construction of factories and residential areas are happening. The rapid development of industrial architecture accompanied by a large number of migrants led to a lack of public space for local inhabitants. The project is located in […]

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Sangini House


WORKPLACE WELLNESS The architecture and design of Sangini House explores ways in which it can respond to the context of the heritage in which it stands. This office building for the Sangini group characterises new strategies for a flexible, column-free office space that creates a new urban venture in the city’s dense business district. The […]

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