Hoowave Water Factory by MVRDV: Modernising a town’s entire water network

Huwei is an inland town of around 70,000 people, located on the Beigang River. The area developed in the early 19th century around its sugar factory. While the sugar factory still operates, a connected alcohol factory was closed in the 1970s, becoming overgrown with tropical vegetation. Today, the factory grounds, along with a dike built […]

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Taichung Green Corridor by Mecanoo

Boasting extensive urban planning experience, Delft-based architecture firm Mecanoo transformed a 1.7-kilometre-long disused railway track crossing downtown Taichung, the second most populous city of Taiwan—which once served as an important catalyst for the growth of the old city—into a dynamic linear park offering walking and cycling paths. Running alongside the Green River, the people-oriented green […]

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TaiSugar Circular Village


TaiSugar Circular Village (TCV) is located within the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, Tainan. This residential project is the first of its kind in Taiwan—if not the world—focusing on the concept of circular economy in the built environment. Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) has taken a bold initiative to experiment with this new economic model. […]

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Fengtay Agriculture R&D Center


A design that cares about the environment does not seek to suddenly impose an exuberant style, but rather allows the architecture to slowly ‘grow’ from the ground. Its semblance and gesture in harmony with the place seek to accommodate the maximum demand using the least land area. For this reason, the final developed area of […]

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Sky Green


Sky Green is a mixed-use development that consists of two 26-storey residential towers, connected by a walkway that spans five levels. Reinforcing WOHA’s idea of ‘sky villages’, the development offers residents ample communal spaces, with a community plot ratio of 175 per cent. Sky Green features greenery on all sides, making it the first building […]

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Huaku Sky Garden


The beauty of Huaku Sky Garden lies in the twin towers’ architecture that seems at once delicate (due to their slim forms) and strong in the symmetrical structural frame (referencing traditional Chinese latticed screens) done in multiple scales, the repetition articulating the structural delight. The project’s location at the base of the foothills of Yangming […]

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Central Park


Scheduled for completion by September this year, Philippe Rahm’s Central Park (previously named Jade Eco Park) has been erected on the site of the former airport of Taichung, Taiwan. The park will serve a new residential and commercial district that backs onto the Tunghai University. Spanning 70 hectares, it includes space for leisure, sport, family […]

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Regeneration of Taoyuan International Airport, Terminal 1


The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 was built in 1979 and its design was influenced by Eero Saarinen’s Washington Dulles International Airport. Featuring a prestressed structure that was considered advanced at that time, the old Terminal 1 was serving an estimated number of 5 million passengers annually. While still in good architectural condition, the […]

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