Children Village

This student housing complex is for 540 children of settlers, caboclos and indigenous people coming from remote areas of the country, some travelling many hours by boat, to study at Canuanã School—the nation’s largest boarding school—on the edge of the rainforest in central Brazil. The project aims to answer the question of whether it is […]

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Library, Boralukanda Primary

Boralukanda Primary is one of many schools in remote Sri Lanka with little or no support, funds, or other forms of assistance to upgrade their physical infrastructure and build additional—and necessary—facilities to improve the quality of teaching and learning. For example, having a proper place to keep and read books, and maybe eventually housing a […]

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Sharanam Centre for rural development


Built at the edge of a rural landscape ravaged by illegal quarrying, the Sharanam Centre for Rural Development enables a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) to expand its community-led transformation of chronically underdeveloped villages outside Pondicherry, India. Meaning ‘refuge’, Sharanam comprises a large vaulted hall, offices, kitchen, gardens and environmental infrastructure integrated into a healed 5-acre […]

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Nest We Grow


The primary purpose of Nest We Grow—a food hub that is part garden, part kitchen—is to bring the community together to store, prepare and enjoy local foods in a welcoming and festive atmosphere that touches all five senses. An open, public structure, it was completed in just over six months due to a short building […]

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Towada Civic Center Plaza


Located in Towada city in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture, this timber-framed building was built as a community centre for people to gather, particularly during the harsh winter weather. The architects created an indoor landscape that imitates the outdoors, effectively bringing the external environment inside, to provide a safe and sheltered public space for all. For example, […]

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Earth Village


Nam Dam is a village that is located in the Quan Ba District of Ha Giang, the most northern province in Vietnam. Situated on the mountain top and covered with rich forests and terraced fields, this place is inhabited by the Dao ethnic minority and recognised for its cultural characteristics: traditional costumes; festivals; brocade; cuisines; herbal […]

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One of the United Nations’ eight Millennium Development Goals is to ensure environmental sustainability, including the improvement of sanitation facilities. Despite progress in sanitation coverage, there are currently about 2.5 billion people all over the world who lack access to basic sanitation and more than a billion people are still practising open defecation. In Vietnam, […]

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Cyberjaya Community Recycling Collection Centre


Cyberjaya is a 7,000-acre township with a daytime population of around 64,000 people. Currently a work in progress, it intends to accommodate approximately 250,000 people once completed. With science and information technology development at its core, the city is also planned to be one of Malaysia’s Green townships, together with Putrajaya, the government administrative centre […]

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