Modular design of mobile hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19

With the critical global situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems all over the world are facing a serious shortage of patient beds and ventilators due to the constantly increasing number of COVID-19 patients. As such, VHL Architecture has cooperated with Da Nang Architecture University to introduce a new design for the assembly of mobile […]

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Lakeside Garden


In a city renowned for its green cover and public spaces, the opening of a new park may seem as exciting as bringing sand to the beach; yet the new Lakeside Garden, a 53-hectare public park deep in the country’s heartlands, is a big deal. It is the first iteration of Jurong Lake Gardens, a […]

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Microlibrary Hanging Gardens


The story of the Microlibrary Hanging Gardens at Babakansari, Kiaracondong, Bandung is a somewhat extended one: what we imagined to be simple turned out to be challenging. SHAU was assigned by Ridwan Kamil—then mayor of Bandung; now governor of West Java—to design another microlibrary after completing the Bima and Taman Lansia ones with the help […]

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Sengkang Riverside Park Large Childcare Centre | FGLA 2019 Merit


The distinctive green roof form of the Sengkang Riverside Park Large Childcare Centre came about as the architects wanted to integrate the building mass with the park — the first and only project in Singapore located in a park. The ‘rolling hill’ concept would enable the structure to ‘merge’ with its surroundings. The building adopts […]

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Expandable House


The expandable house (rumah tambah in Bahasa Indonesia, or rubah for short) is a component of the Tropical Town project, and is designed as a sustainable response to the challenges of rapidly developing cities in monsoon Asia. The expandable house adjusts to the fluctuating patterns of resource consumption and expenditure, or metabolism, of its residents. […]

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FGLA 2019 Winner: S Space


Made up of stark stonewalls, steel pipes (granted a second life from construction scaffolding) and bamboo, the S Space serves as an ‘open’ space for the community with a focus on culture and the arts. The project is located in a new emerging urban area with a high construction density in Dong Van town, Ha […]

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Chieng Yen Community House


Chieng Yen Community House was built with the intention of creating a space—a common house of sorts and information centre—for the different groups to come together to share and let the various cultural and traditional handicrafts and practices be known; and possibly where tourism activities could also take place. Nestled amidst a picturesque setting of […]

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Children Village


This student housing complex is for 540 children of settlers, caboclos and indigenous people coming from remote areas of the country, some travelling many hours by boat, to study at Canuanã School—the nation’s largest boarding school—on the edge of the rainforest in central Brazil. The project aims to answer the question of whether it is […]

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Library, Boralukanda Primary


Boralukanda Primary is one of many schools in remote Sri Lanka with little or no support, funds, or other forms of assistance to upgrade their physical infrastructure and build additional—and necessary—facilities to improve the quality of teaching and learning. For example, having a proper place to keep and read books, and maybe eventually housing a […]

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Sharanam Centre for rural development


Built at the edge of a rural landscape ravaged by illegal quarrying, the Sharanam Centre for Rural Development enables a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) to expand its community-led transformation of chronically underdeveloped villages outside Pondicherry, India. Meaning ‘refuge’, Sharanam comprises a large vaulted hall, offices, kitchen, gardens and environmental infrastructure integrated into a healed 5-acre […]

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