SOLEAL 55: Universal Sliding System

Brought to you by Technal The SOLEAL system (without thermal break) provides tailored solutions for external joinery in temperate or tropical climates, as well as indoor joinery for partitioning spaces. Its refined and high-quality design makes it the ideal solution for a variety of architectural requirements in the residential and commercial sectors or public buildings. […]

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Viega Pexfit Pro: Fast, Reliable Plastic Piping for Bathroom Units

Brought to you by Viega Pexfit Pro offers piping systems with excellent stability for prefabricated bathroom units, an ideal connection to press connectors. Pressing with the Viega safety factor The range relies on the Viega press connecting technology: rapid, simple installation with a distinctive safety factor: the Viega SC-Contur. This feature is present in the […]

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Reclaiming Immaterial Spaces


We are inspired by Donna Haraway’s subversive understanding of ‘fiction’, as an active principle in a world of possibilities, about looking forward, as a stimulus to act—as opposed to ‘fact’, as something that belongs to the past, a reference to that which has already happened. It symbolises our tilt towards action and interactions in the […]

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Adaptable Spaces


THE ROLE OF TRANSIENT STRUCTURES AND SPACES IN RESPONSE TO A PANDEMIC AND OTHER EMERGENCIES COVID-19 has upended urban life as we know it. It has been many things; amongst which the crisis for healthcare space has been severely exacting. In the past, we have mostly encountered ‘bang’ events like natural calamities or terror attacks. […]

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Overcoming the Pandemic


This pandemic has been called the great reboot of our times, a chance to reflect on what we do and change course. In the world of design, there is much speculation on a post-pandemic world, which often starts with reimagining the city. Notwithstanding how buildings have been designed in the past, our use of them […]

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