FuturArc Prize 2022: Indonesian runner-up & two Merits awarded

FuturArc Prize 2022: Indonesian runner-up & two Merits awarded

23 AUGUST 2022 – Three teams from Indonesia received FuturArc Prize (FAP) 2022 awards on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 at the event of BCI Asia Awards, held at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Ballroom, Jakarta. The cycle’s theme of Reinterpretation asked students to propose transformations for an existing empty or underused building, imbuing it with new functions that contribute to public good.

The Second Place award went to the proposal titled Biodivercity by Gevin Timotius, Favian Rifqi, Ahimsa Sirait, Eistein Benedito and Aldrianta Pribadi, who reimagined the dilapidated Kemayoran Airport in North Jakarta to become an avian haven in support of existing birdwatching communities. Their idea was commended by the jurors for its attempt to rehabilitate lost biodiversity and degraded environment amidst rapid urban development in Jakarta. The team received a prize of SGD3,500, certificate, trophy and 2-year subscription to FuturArc App.

Merit awards were bestowed to two teams. The proposal titled FluxToActive by A Christian Pratama Putra, Kurniawan Abednego Putratama and Rian Kunto Prabowo sought to activate Blok M in Kebayoran Baru by exploring a flexible system that allows for change according to time and needs; and the proposal 1,700 Footsteps of Imagination by Aprilia Gita Siswantari and Arie Pandi Pratama transformed underused pedestrian bridges as healing gardens and community event spaces. The teams received prizes of SGD500, certificate and 1-year subscription to FuturArc App.

The event was organised by BCI Central to celebrate the nation’s Top 10 architects and developers. As Award Partner, Farida Lasida Adji of International Finance Corporation (IFC) urged for the decarbonisation of existing and new buildings, using the EDGE Buildings certification. The FAP awarding session was prefaced by a speech from Iwan Prijanto as the Chairperson of Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI), who underlined the necessity of future-proofing by reducing the industry’s impact on the environment.

“Every one of us who is part of the construction process needs to understand that we are currently building within a situation of resource limitation,” Iwan said. “Within this limitation, we have to make do with the best quality we can achieve, while at the same time reducing the impact on our planet and on our beloved motherland, for the sake of future generations.

“It is my hope that for every award, rating or certification that we do, it is not merely a symbolic achievement but a substantial one, which genuinely brings positive contribution towards the sustainability of the planet, and especially for Indonesia,” he concluded.

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