What Green-related events are coming to your area?

What Green-related events are coming to your area?

HONG KONG, 18 SEPTEMBER 2023 – Joining events in the field of sustainable architecture has the benefits of updating one’s knowledge of the latest advancements, as well as building professional connections that can open up fruitful collaborations in the future. One such event that has been launched in early September is FuturArc Prize (FAP) 2024, a Green design competition that advocates sustainable architecture ideas amidst a rapidly changing world. Themed Architecture for Life After …, the competition looks at how architecture can bring hope and renewal following extreme conditions.

Entrants of FuturArc Prize 2024 are asked to propose architectural solutions in Asian sites for the continuation of life after either one or both of the following scenarios: Climate Destruction and/or Endings. The international competition is open till February 2024 to architecture professionals and students/graduates from anywhere in the world, with up to SGD20,500 total cash prizes to be won.

Last year’s competition bestowed a Third Place award to a multidisciplinary team of professionals hailing from Hong Kong—whose proposal addresses the issue of double-aging and promotes well-being for communities across age groups.

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Also coming to Hong Kong this November is FuturArc’s Blue-Green Run, a celebration of the urban landscape of Hong Kong.

Running from 3–29 November 2023, this 10-kilometre run is an invitation to all passionate members of the community, fraternity and public to experience Hong Kong’s blue-green architectural and infrastructural treasures. By participating, runners will also be supporting collective efforts to accomplish the 2050 carbon neutral target.

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for updates on FuturArc’s Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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