A more sustainable future: BCI Equinox Bangkok, Thailand


A more sustainable future: BCI Equinox Bangkok, Thailand

October 29, 2020

15 October 2020 — BCI Equinox is a series of boutique cocktail exhibitions held across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, primarily for architects and designers.

This year, BCI Equinox Bangkok, Thailand focused on the pressing need to drive change for a sustainable future.

FuturArc: Overcoming the Pandemic

As such, this year’s event introduced the latest Q3 2020 issue of FuturArc (Overcoming the Pandemic) and the new FuturArc App, to the audience. At FuturArc, we are working hard to continue improving to bring a new reading experience to you so that together, we can continue to explore and share ideas to create a Greener, healthier built environment, one that is more harmonious with nature, for the next generation.

FuturArc App: New!

In this crisis, we understand that confusion and uncertainties still abound. It has become challenging to stay motivated, let alone drive positive change for a better future. Let’s not give up. Join us to become advocates of Green and be part of our expanding community, by signing up for your free trial on the FuturArc App.



The audience also had an introduction to the book Ecopuncture: Transforming Architecture and Urbanism in Asia written by FuturArc’s editor-in-chief, Dr Nirmal Kishnani, which delves into the ideas of Asian thought leaders in the field of ecological design. In the book, Dr Kishnani explores the notion of ‘ecopuncture’, which he observes “enhances the connectedness of the social and ecological, seeking positive reciprocity and strengthening the resilience of the whole”.

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Thammasat Green Roof

Kotchakorn Voraakhom was a guest speaker at this Equinox event, and she shared about the Thammasat Green Roof project (FuturArc Q1 2020 issue) of which she was the landscape and green roof designer for. The project is a landscape architecture masterpiece with cascading layers of planters and terraces hugging a mountain form that is Asia’s largest urban green roof (22,000 square metres). Mimicking the traditional rice terraces of the land, the green roof’s cascading farm levels form a detention lawn that slows down run-off and absorbs rainwater.


By creating a localised food supply chain that produces all-organic vegetables, the farm and canteen help reduce both emissions and pollution from its production, consumption and disposal by cutting chemical use, energy consumption and food waste. The TU model of urban farming is redefining the operations of Thailand’s agricultural sector. It demonstrates how food production can be made profitable again for small-scale farms, and how employment and business opportunities can be created for grassroots farmers.


BCI Asia & FuturArc

Established in 1998, BCI Media Group has a long history in providing our members with quality project leads across a multitude of construction projects in each country. BCI Asia has been bridging the gap between design professionals and suppliers in the construction industry. In collecting information and data over the years, the company has recognised early on the severe impact of building and construction on the natural environment. Thus, in 2006, BCI Asia started FuturArc magazine to advocate for architecture that demonstrates social responsibility and sustainability, as well as to generate discourse to heighten awareness among its research partners and clients.

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