Elimination of asbestos

Main Feature / 1st Quarter 2024

Elimination of asbestos

by Kester Ray de Vera

March 20, 2024

In Vietnam, the construction sector uses 54,000 tonnes of asbestos annually, ranking as one of the top importers of ‘fibro cement’. Most of the supply goes to low-income and vulnerable populations unaware of the health risks of exposure to friable airborne asbestos. 

In a 2021 project, Habitat for Humanity Vietnam set up zero-asbestos villages21 as part of its response to successive storms that tore into the central region. Members of local communities took part in group discussions on the dangers of using building materials that contain asbestos and learned how to build back safer. The pilot project served over 3,000 people and the local government was also mobilised to provide safe locations to store asbestos sheets and debris.

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21 https://habitatvietnam.org/piloting-asbestos-free-villages-in-vietnam/

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