What matters most to you: Insights from the FuturArc Readership Survey 2023!

What matters most to you: Insights from the FuturArc Readership Survey 2023!

In a world where sustainable built environment practices have been nothing short of a necessity, FuturArc strives to be your top source for Green architecture and design references. Our once-every-two-years Readership Survey is an opportunity to get in tune with what matters the most to our readers, while keeping ahead of the curve to spark creative ideas, showcase the latest and alternative methods and solutions, and enrich your practice with a deeper understanding about various aspects of sustainability.

The insights from this survey not only tell us your aspirations and expectations from FuturArc, but also allow us to better connect with you in sharing the same vision: shaping a better future together.

Has FuturArc inspired you in your sustainable architectural journey? Has it helped connect you to relevant professionals to realise your projects? Here is a snapshot of what you’ve told us!

Readership engagement

Three-quarters (74.1 per cent) of FuturArc readers are architectural professionals, with two out of ten readers (20 per cent) having had their projects or works featured in FuturArc—throughout a variety of sections, including Projects, Commentaries, FuturArc Interview or In Conversation, and Happenings or News reports.

If you would like to submit a project to be featured, or if you have a story idea to pitch, do shoot us an email at [email protected]! We’re always excited to keep in touch with your latest sustainable endeavours, and you can check out our editorial calendar to see what topics we plan to spotlight in the near future.

A majority of readers felt that FuturArc is relevant to their profession (71.6 per cent) and that it is a trustworthy source of content (63 per cent), appreciating how the magazine content is clear and easy to read (57.4 per cent).

More than half of our readers (51.2 per cent) have applied the design ideas in their work, hence helping to bring sustainable solutions to fruition across various locations. A similar percentage (56.8 per cent) also reported that they have been introduced to new products that are relevant for their profession through FuturArc. Forty-six per cent felt that our content have enriched their working philosophy, increasingly applying sustainability principles as a way of life.

Readership preferences

Print or digital? This survey shows that more than half (almost 60 per cent) of FuturArc’s audience prefer to read the magazine in its printed form, while 40 per cent enjoy the digital version that you can access anywhere, anytime at your fingertips. If you haven’t checked out the FuturArc app, you can get 30 days of free access by signing up here.

The kind of content that readers found most useful was project profiles—with 68.5 per cent being most interested to read about sustainable projects across a variety of typologies and countries. Our readers were also equally interested to learn about new products and technologies (67 per cent). In order of preference, readers also enjoyed reading commentary from professionals; climate focus stories; interviews with key thought leaders; and news/events coverage.

Readers’ comments and suggestions

I want there to be more activities for students. For example, information about international architectural competitions and new updates on graduate education from top schools to be included in the magazine’s brochures.

Every project summary is reader-friendly and super convenient via the website version. I think FuturArc is doing great in providing useful information in diverse topics and I love to seek for new ideas through the content that FuturArc is delivering.

Consider publishing some more Green or social projects by architects and designers which are low-cost or which make use of appropriate technologies to achieve highest efficiency. Cost is always an issue in achieving sustainability in buildings and space design.

It would be better if the printed magazine could be purchased outside Asia as some professionals like myself move around in different parts of the world such as UK or other European countries.

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