Pop-up Satellite in New Delhi

2nd Quarter 2022

Pop-up Satellite in New Delhi

June 15, 2022

SPACE10 does not believe design thinking can occur in a vacuum, so they headed out to cities such as New Delhi, Shanghai, New York, London and Nairobi to bring its research and design process closer to people. The sprawling metropolis of Delhi faces rapid urbanisation and a housing crisis but has a young, educated and tech-savvy population aware of the challenges, so it was the ideal location for SPACE10 to explore new sustainable and scalable solutions at its pop-up satellite there in November 2019. Over five months, it gathered designers, architects, technologists, artists, academics and entrepreneurs to learn from and share with the local community through talks, workshops, performances, exhibitions and dinners.

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For example, SPACE10 Delhi exhibited SolarVille—a working prototype of a miniature neighbourhood entirely powered by solar energy showing that when combined, technologies such as solar panels, microgrids and blockchain create new opportunities for off-grid systems when centralised energy networks are inaccessible—which allowed it to start a conversation with the community around tomorrow’s clean energy systems and determine how it might work or fail within an Indian context. Together with Quicksand, it visited 40 families in India, Kenya, Peru and Indonesia for a first-hand glimpse into the lives of people who require energy access. It laid out its research in a report on how access to solar and other renewable energy could empower them by fulfilling their needs and dreams.

Charny-Brunet concluded, “SPACE10 Delhi ignited ideas, perspectives and solutions that wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else. As an outcome, we initiated our Home Essentials project, with which we aim to research and design affordable, accessible and sustainable solutions for low-income households with a focus on emerging economies. All part of our mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet.”

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