Eco-Office Plus Certification by the Singapore Environment Council


Eco-Office Plus Certification by the Singapore Environment Council

December 15, 2020

The Eco-Office Plus is an eco-certification administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) that assesses Green practices at the workplace. Led by Dr Teo Ho Pin, former Coordinating Chairman of PAP Town Councils, the Tampines Town Council (TTC) is the first to lead this Eco-Town initiative. As part of this initiative, TTC has already attained the Elite Tier, the highest of four categories under the Eco-Office Plus certification.

The Eco-Office Plus certification benefits town councils by providing a clear guidance in increasing eco-consciousness amongst staff, the key foundation of any long-term Green initiative. The certification features a tier system introduced in December 2018 that helps organisations improve over time, and to recognise their efforts and achievements.

Jen Teo, Executive Director, Singapore Environment Council, said, “Employee mindset and everyday practices hold the key as people lie at the heart of this shift towards a more sustainable workplace and future. This reflects our overall GreenDNA philosophy at SEC that every small change we do can have a great impact on action against climate change.”

Reverse vending machine (left); vertical vegetable garden for sustainability at Tampines Park (right) (Images courtesy of Singapore Environment Council)

Some of these initiatives include the composting of food waste to encourage residents to plant some food crops of their own, as well as reverse vending machines to facilitate recycling. These initiatives have seen high levels of residential engagement. TTC has also been actively going on trips to learn about sustainability initiatives at places such as Hort Park and Jurong Lake Park. The council is also in talks with the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (formerly the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources) — in partnership with Singapore Power and Temasek — for the installation of smart electricity metres and Eco-Boards at HDB blocks. These new facilities enable residents to track usage of utilities such as electricity and water in the block, as well as organise block-wide competitions to conserve resources.

Dr Teo elaborated, “These efforts are small building blocks in transforming Singapore into a Green society. We are excited to roll out these initiatives around Tampines as well as the rest of Singapore to encourage residents to work together and build a society for future generations of Singaporeans to live, work and play in.”

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