Ching-Hwa Chang

Ching-Hwa Chang is the founding partner and principal architect at Bio-architecture Formosana, one of the leading sustainable architecture practices in Taiwan. In addition to designing award-winning projects across Taiwan, she received the Taiwan Architecture Award in 2007 and 2009, with an honourable mention in 2014. For many years, she has inspired the next generation of […]

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TaiSugar Circular Village


TaiSugar Circular Village (TCV) is located within the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, Tainan. This residential project is the first of its kind in Taiwan—if not the world—focusing on the concept of circular economy in the built environment. Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) has taken a bold initiative to experiment with this new economic model. […]

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ITC Campus


The ITC Campus is a project located in Rajarhat, an upcoming suburb of Kolkata. Rajarhat is being developed to handle the pressures of high-density urbanisation. The campus has a mixed land-use brief with IT and corporate offices, hotel, convention centre and residential towers. Being conscious of the tradition of cultural pride and the philosophical inclination […]

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Campus for Wipro


This corporate office for Wipro, one of India’s largest IT firms, is located in Hyderabad. With 101 acres of land, the project embodies the historical and cultural references of the region whilst being contextually relevant to these modern times. The plan for this office campus is evolved from understanding the carrying capacity of the site; […]

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Sonali Rastogi


Sonali Rastogi is an Indian architect and co-founder of Morphogenesis— an architecture and urban design studio based in New Delhi, which she started with her partner Manit Rastogi. Morphogenesis is one of the most successful contemporary architectural practices in India that has gained global recognition. Sonali is a graduate of Architectural Association School of Architecture, […]

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Maria Warner Wong


Maria Warner Wong loves trees and taking long walks in nature. As Design Director and Co-founder of Warner Wong Design and WOW Architects, she is no stranger to Green architecture and regenerative design, and her passion for the natural environment resonates strongly with her firm’s eco-focused projects and philosophy on sustainable architecture. Committed to promoting […]

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Mountain House


Nestled in the Hantana mountain range that forms the southern edge of the Kandyan valley, this three-bedroom house is a rebirth of an old, single-storey dwelling that was leftover at the site to be demolished and pave the way for new residential construction. Isolated among the tea bushes of its plantation land, the old house […]

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SWP Lodge


In the hills surrounding Kandy city centre—to which this building is tucked into—glass and concrete boxes peep one above each other in search of expansive views of the city, thereby obliterating the natural landscape that is very much part of Kandy’s ecological and cultural setting. The placing of the building in its undulating topography has […]

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This hotel project takes it position from an environmentally-perceptive design adopted to safeguard responsible conversion of rural land and the subsequent generation of economic and employment opportunities in the country’s periphery. The property subjected to this project had once been a dryland forest, but in recent times has been cleared and burnt periodically for ‘Chena’ […]

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This medium height, mixed-use building is devised as an ideal-typical urban model, exploring energy efficiency, contextual viability, and alternative material and labour relations for the city, while responding to a cultural programme impinged on a functional mix of residential and commercial uses. Tectonically, the project investigates a probable equilibrium between the industry- and craftorganised construction […]

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