TIGAL – Technal’s latest hybrid of a sliding door and a window

Combined advantages TIGAL’s patented central sealing system guarantees exceptional water tightness performance, which is up to four times better than a traditional sliding door. Technal has paid particular attention to TIGAL’s design, combining sleek lines and concealed hardware for an overall balanced aesthetic. Purposefully designed for the ease of use, TIGAL is also innovative in […]

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Mapecoat TNS coatings for protecting and colouring


Mapecoat TNS Extreme is a new product designed to protect and colour urban spaces that have to withstand high levels of wear and tear from pedestrians. This two-component, rapid-drying, coloured epoxy-acrylic resin-based coating is highly durable especially in dense urban areas, which makes it ideal for cycle-pedestrian paths, road surfaces, access ramps, etc. Mapecoat TNS […]

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Bona Quantum, a silane-based adhesive


The newly launched Bona Quantum is a silane-based adhesive that features Bona’s Titanium Technology, which provides quadruple crosslinking properties that deliver superior durability and quicker bonding for faster installation, even under challenging subfloor conditions. The new formula is also available as Bona Quantum T for users that prefer a thicker viscosity. Bona Quantum offers accelerated […]

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LIXIL’s best design and technology just got sleeker


Acacia SupaSleek The latest Acacia SupaSleek, an extension of the Acacia Evolution collection by American Standard, features innovative technologies while paring down proportions to only the essentials, hence creating sleeker lines for a timeless, modern bathroom. Thinner than ever The latest ThinEdge ceramic technology allows Acacia SupaSleek basins to have streamlined edges of only 5 […]

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Prasoon Kumar


NK: Let’s talk a little about the big transition in your life. Why did you leave corporate life and set up billionBricks? PK: There were three stages of change that led to this. The first started when I was in university. Architecture education, for some reason, doesn’t view commercial architecture in a positive way. There’s […]

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Green Awards 2020


In 2020, everything changed. Everything around us suddenly seemed so fragile: jobs, communities, our freedoms. Every week brings new uncertainties. The theme of FuturArc Prize 2020 has been a prescient one. We asked you to imagine co-existence and partnership with Nature. Each winning entry of FuturArc Prize offers profound insights into what that alliance might […]

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FGLA 2020 Award: Krushi Bhawan


Krushi Bhawan is located in Bhubaneshwar, the state capital of Odisha, where it is home to multiple agrarian communities. It is a facility developed for the Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment, an administrative centre designed as an office for a team of nearly 600 people, in addition to accommodating spaces for community engagement and […]

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FGLA 2020 Award: 803 House


The image of a wooden house framed by a concrete structure drove the imagination of the architects. Amidst the dense and packed narrow houses in Ho Chi Minh City, this project stood out with its use of materials and spatial ingenuity. The interior is cool and comfortable, thanks to the open, permeable nature of the […]

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