Roof Water-Farm

An ongoing cooperative research project, ROOF WATER-FARM (RWF) features the combined installation of water recycling technology and building-integrated farming. The focus of this blue-green infrastructure approach is on the reuse of daily water resource flows combined with lightweight water farming such as aquaponics (combined fish and plant farming) and hydroponics (soil-less plant farming such as […]

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Dalat Farm

Located in the hills of Khe Sanh, south of Dalat City, in the highlands, this 2-hectare site opens out to a valley. The farm is intended as a prototype project, blending architecture, landscape and economic interests—taking into consideration the ecological environment, especially soil, water and the biosphere. Seeking an alternative to the dominant model of […]

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Thammasat Green Roof


A landscape architecture masterpiece with cascading layers of planters and terraces hugging a mountain form that is Asia’s largest urban green roof (22,000 square metres), alongside massive retention ponds, beautifully combines form and function to present a possible solution to Asia’s climate and food crises. The integrated design of Thammasat University’s (TU) urban farming green […]

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One of the main concerns of Bangladesh, home to 170 million people, is to strengthen food security for its people. The percentage of the country’s total arable land has been decreasing since 1989. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization’s report, the country had 73 per cent arable land in 1989, which decreased to 59 […]

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Examine the stories highlighted in this issue, and you will see a deeper agenda of urban farming. The people that tend to the food gardens of Asia are often displaced farmers who have had to move to the city. The yields here are small but they matter a lot to the urban poor. Notwithstanding the […]

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Kuala Lumpur


IMPORTANCE OF URBAN AGRICULTURE Rapid urban population growth in Malaysia has resulted in food insecurity, urban poverty, jobless citizens as well as air and water pollution 1. Malaysia is one of the many countries with annual decreases in food self-sufficiency 2. According to the Malaysia International Trade and Industry 3, the amount of processed food […]

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A NECESSITY FOR THE FUTURE Singapore has consistently ranked high in the Global Food Security Index (published by The Economist Intelligence Unit), even topping it in 2018 and 2019 1. These rankings list the most food secure nations in the world. Singapore’s ranking is a validation of its work and commitment towards keeping food prices […]

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Veera Sekaran


AD: How did your journey into a career associated with nature and greening begin? VS: I grew up in a kampong where everything was outdoors. I would be climbing trees, running around farms, using my hands to do everything and trying to understand nature. I wasn’t shy of the outdoors and I also wasn’t shy […]

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Urban Farming


Urban farming is the cultivation of plants and fish, and the raising of livestock within and around cities. It commands a significant level of commerce, which makes it much more than just homesteading or subsistence farming. Urban farming is embedded into various parts of an urban ecosystem with which it is constantly interacting. It consumes […]

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