KASTELLO Collection: Driven by Design, Powered by Technology


Brought to you by American Standard Thoughtfully crafted, the KASTELLO Collection weaves technological and sustainable features into a modern classic design. It bridges aesthetics with functionality to bring about a full range of contemporary products that is built to last. Together with American Standard’s signature design elements—flared out silhouettes, defined edges, bespoke details—the KASTELLO Collection […]

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MalaysiaGBC 10th Anniversary 2019 Networking Night


Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MalaysiaGBC), a leading organisation of sustainable development in Malaysia, had its 10th Anniversary 2019 Networking Night on 18 January 2019 at The International Gallery at Alya Kuala Lumpur. The event was graced by Chan Seong Aun, president of MalaysiaGBC. Sustainable development is a business opportunity that will green our environment, mitigate […]

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Opening of SDE4, an inventive educational architecture


The new National University of Singapore (NUS), School of Design & Environment 4 (SDE4), the first net-zero energy building of its kind, opened in Singapore in January 2019. The building, a prototype of sustainable design, combines a stringent net-zero target and a revalidated grammar of tropical architecture. It is a 8,500-square-metre, six-storey, multi-disciplinary space that […]

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Asia Clean Energy Summit 2018


The fifth edition of the Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES) was held from 31 October to 2 November 2018 at Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Exhibition Centre, Singapore, featuring speakers who set the benchmark for best practices as well as debate trends and solutions in the regional solar and clean energy industry. Organised by […]

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Sanjay Puri


NA: Most of your projects are contextual. Your buildings respond to the site—its topography and the climate, more than anything else. I’d like to know what Green architecture means to you. SP: I feel for it in every way that you can. So the whole premise of design starts merely from there. In warmer regions, […]

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Rural-Urban Dichotomy: Dhaka


HARSH REALITIES OF IN-MIGRATION Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has been infamous for its place among the five most ‘unliveable’ cities in the world since 2011. One of the major factors for the ‘uninhabitable’ status of the city is the ever-increasing phenomenon of rural to urban migration within the country. Sixty-three per cent of the […]

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China & India


HOW RURAL-URBAN MIGRATION SHAPES OUR BUILT ENVIRONMENT: A SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA & INDIA In Asia, we are in the midst of a significant demographic shift, as rural populations flock to urban centres to share in the region’s economic rise. As they do, they are radically transforming both the urban and rural landscapes. Some of the […]

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The Digital Bridge


How can global society strengthen its rural areas and reverse a decline in countries such as the United States that is now more than a century old? Slowing down urban migration and building up skills and opportunity for rural inhabitants is an oft-cited goal for many sustainability thinkers. In one example, Amory Lovins told this […]

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