Wireless connectivity for smart homes

The new wireless package by Carlo Gavazzi is an evolution of the well-known smart home systems. Based on IEEE802.15.4 at 2.4 GHz, WiDup is a wireless communication protocol that provides users with flexibility and simplicity during the installation on new or existing premises where cabling is not possible or too expensive. Carlo Gavazzi’s wireless modules […]

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Art you can walk on


MasterTop 1327 flooring system has a distinctive elastic layer that has sound insulation properties for reducing noise as well as improving room acoustics and walking comfort. It is the only fluid-applied flooring system worldwide that allows a reduction of up to 20 dB in vertical sound transmission, e.g., impact noise. […]

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Winners | FAP & FGLA 2018


FUTURARC PRIZE 2018 INVITES ENTRANTS TO IMAGINE A CITY OF BIOPHILIC DELIGHT Biophilic design, at the scale of a building or a city, integrates natural elements and nature-like qualities into the environment, thereby creating positive feelings and experiences in users, such as calmness and satisfaction. Nature heals and repairs our bodies and minds. It also […]

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