Sustainable living in the outdoors

Tiny houses are part of an international trend of simplifying lives by reducing the size—and therefore resource consumption—of homes without sacrificing the quality of life. Currently, there are no definite measurements that qualify a tiny house. However, any residential structure under 46 square metres is generally accepted as one. The catalystTwo years ago, one of […]

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In Conversation with Avneesh Tiwari & Neha Rane of atArchitecture


HB: Tell me about your firm’s philosophy. AT: We believe in an unconventional approach to practice, responding to each programme and site context specifically to come up with creative solutions. We participate in a lot of national and international design competitions and focus on experimental work. We also enjoy working on details and craftsmanship, and have […]

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Tanmay Tathagat


BJ: You have been working in the area of Green buildings for over 20 years. How would you assess the impact of Green buildings, as we have come to define them today, on driving actual sustainable development? TT: The general awareness about Green buildings has definitely increased, but whether this has led to any ‘sustainable’ development […]

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The Office Typology, India


Some of the recent works by architect Sanjay Puri tend to defy the ‘universal trend’ of enclosed air-conditioned skyscrapers by drawing our attention to the different typologies of workspaces derived by the realities of their context. This article demonstrates two projects by the architect that translate some of his deeply held values on the relationship […]

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The New Workplace


The one thing that stands out in this issue is the absence of tall buildings. Yes, there is the one high-rise office tower (The EY Centre) but this exception affirms a rule. We are having a love affair with the low-to-mid-rise office ‘ground-hugger’ (The New Workplace). Health and well-being, we have known for some time. […]

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An Urban Infill


Built on a hilly site, next to a residential area, with an old concrete portico covered with liana, this office was redeveloped from a large greenhouse that used to belong to the provincial agricultural science institute. Given the building’s special history to the institute and neighbourhood, the architects wanted to minimise environmental interference to the […]

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Energy-Efficient Aluminium Window Systems


The Schüco AWS 65 aluminium window system is an ideal standard system
for a variety of window applications due to its broad range. There are up to
five design lines that are available for creating attractive visual accents in
both new builds and modernisation projects. With a wide range of profiles
for narrow face widths, a high degree of transparency as well as complete
compatibility with the Schüco ADS door range, sophisticated designs can be
implemented effectively. […]

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Engineered Urban Greening Solutions


Elmich’s products can be made from thermoplastics that have obtained the highest fire-resistant material classification according to European and British Standards. These proprietary thermoplastics help to mitigate the risk of fires as they do not release toxic emissions or smoke when burnt, which translates into a safer environment for users. […]

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The new workplace


We are in the midst of a work revolution—a major shift in when, where and how we work. With this shift, our needs and expectations of the workplace have evolved, and the typology of the office building is evolving as a result. Although this evolution manifests differently around the world, four common trends can be seen. […]

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