In Conversation with Yatin Pandya

NA: After your bachelor’s degree in architecture from CEPT University in Ahmedabad, what was the focus of your master’s programme  overseas? And thereafter, what made you come back and start off a career in Ahmedabad? YP: I pursued higher studies in low-cost housing from McGill University in Montreal. What we studied there was also relevant to India […]

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Mekong in crisis


by Gayatri Mutum Almost a decade ago, the World Bank described the Mekong Delta as one of the most sensitive areas to climate change. That future is now here. About 70 million people reside along the Mekong. It is one of the longest rivers in the world and has a distinctive ecosystem in Southeast Asia. The […]

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Climate Change


The phrase, climate change, pushes many buttons. Fear is the most common. To be sure, the science on climate change gives us a lot to fear: sea level rise, exceptional storms, extinction of species, and troubling questions about the future of humankind. It does not help that there is no certainty on timeline. Depending on whom you […]

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Water World


Groundbreaking solutions are being invented by forward-thinking architects to show how coastal cities can become more resilient, viewing climate change as an opportunity to lead the way in waterborne and flood-resistant architecture. Image courtesy of BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) Sea levels are rising to new highs, temperatures are increasing, and floods and storms are getting […]

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Chic, rotatable showerhead


Azimut redefines the archetype of the showerhead, improving the quality of the showering space. With four jet aerators and 336 nozzles, it provides a
comfortable shower experience. The sophisticated elegance of satin steel
and measured proportional balance make it a contemporary bathroom fixture. […]

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Cured and dimensionally stable screed


The screed is a layer of cementitious mortar that is installed directly onto a
substrate. Its purpose is to bring the installation surface of the flooring to the designed height and provide a suitable surface for installing the specified flooring, thus affecting its durability and functionality. Screeds are usually made up of cement, sand or aggregates, and water. […]

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In Anthropocene Asia-Pacific, climate change is driving environmental instabilities such as floods, droughts, typhoons and heat waves that pose fundamental questions on human settlements and planetary health. The basic facets of human life such as livelihoods, food security, urban infrastructure and health have become deeply impacted, creating interconnected and multidimensional challenges. The island state of […]

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Jan-Feb 2018 | Dhaka


Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is perhaps most associated with these words: overpopulation, traffic congestion and waterlogging. While supporting more than 15 million people on less than 325 square kilometres of land, the city’s drainage and transportation infrastructure is on the verge of collapsing. Beneath the apparent reasons—overpopulation with a large number of informal settlements; […]

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