In Conversation with Nripal Adhikary

BJ: The 2015 earthquake was extremely catastrophic for Nepal, killing more than 10,000 people and destroying an estimated 600,000 homes. How is ABARI, your firm, involved in the reconstruction process right now? NA: The earthquake was extremely traumatic for the people of Nepal, and since the reconstruction process hasn’t fully started yet, the memories of the […]

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Jack Sim

AD: You have a number of personal achievements related to water use: back in 2004, you won Singapore’s first Green Plan award; you’re an Asia Development Bank Water Champion; a council member with the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda for Water Security; TIME magazine’s Hero of the Environment—what do you want Green architects and designers […]

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Lingang Bird Airport


Lingang Bird Airport is envisioned as a revitalising public space, where it will breathe life into the Tianjin shoreline while functioning as an ecological conservation area. This design has won an international competition (2016 Landscape Concept Design for Stage 2 Lingang Economic Zone (North Zone) Wetland) with the proposal of a wetland bird sanctuary on […]

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Mangrove Tetrapods


We have all seen these giant concrete structures by some beaches. Tetrapods—meaning having four legs in Greek—are those quirky four-pronged armour units designed to protect the coastline by dissipating the force of incoming waves—the water flows around, rather than against, it. Although they reduce displacement by their interlocked web structure, these artificial systems tend to be […]

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The Water Issue


Water, as a pre-condition for living systems, is the theme of this issue. The cover, in case you wondered, shows the blue between Singapore and Malaysia. It was inspired by Sylvia Earle, an American marine biologist, who famously said “no water, no life… no blue, no green”. The projects ahead speak of the restoration of […]

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Floating Ponds: A vertical aquaculture farming typology


Space-Based Vertical Fish Farm As A Self-Sustained Urban Typology by Alakesh Dutta The productive and operational viability of vertical farming has thus far been largely restricted to green leafy vegetables. This vertical aquaculture farming project is one of the pioneering attempts at taking land-based fish farming vertical. This is significant as the main nutrient yield here […]

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Special Focus: World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017


World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017by Alakesh Dutta The World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 (WSBE17) was held in Hong Kong from the 5th to 7th June 2017. It was co-organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). Attended by about 1,800 delegates from across the globe, the […]

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A river in need


The Ganga (or the Ganges), one of the greatest rivers in the world, is almost one with human civilisation, directly and indirectly supporting about 10 percent of the world’s population. It carries a variety of flora and fauna, providing life and livelihood. Yet, the Ganga is dying. The issues that the river faces today are […]

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Singapore: Asia’s little blue dot


As Southeast Asia begins to feel the pressures of climate change and urbanisation, water security is coming to the forefront of many national agendas. While many governments are facing issues of poor sanitation networks and clean drinking water supply compounded by land subsidence, sea level rise and increased flood risk, Singapore has spent the past […]

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