Maison T

In a crowded and busy city like Hanoi, people take advantage of every single space they have. This house and its garden stand humbly amidst the surrounding building blocks. Instead of using all the land or keeping an indoor courtyard space, the house is set back from the street to offer the whole alley a […]

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Wastewater — the untapped resource


World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of highlighting the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources by tackling the water crisis. Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater—2017’s theme is Wastewater. Globally, wastewater from residential, industry and agriculture flows back […]

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Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia 2017 (SETA 2017)


Asian Construction Week comprised a series of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, networking events and site visits related to the building and construction industry. The three-day event also featured innovative products and provided a venue where business negotiations for both private and public sectors were held. Pornphan Bulner, director of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. and organiser […]

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Dr Wolfgang Kessling


LM: From physics to climate engineering, can you briefly chart your trajectory of practice? WK: I studied nuclear physics until Chernobyl, the nuclear catastrophe that happened in Ukraine. In April 1986, I changed from nuclear physics to solar physics. This made me relook at energy sources and understanding the potential that solar energy holds. Thereafter, I […]

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Public Housing, Hong Kong


Conversion of Chai Wan Factory Estate to Public Rental Housing An Adaptive Reuse of Heritage The historical Chai Wan Factory Estate (CWFE), which was granted Grade II Historic Building status by the Antiquities Advisory Board, was converted into Wah Ha Estate. The conversion was announced in 2012 to increase and expedite the short-term public housing […]

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Apollo Tyres Global RD Center


The project is a centre for study, creativity, innovation and growth, as well as to carry out extensive testing and experimentation in high-performance laboratories in the field of automobile tyres. The client’s brief required a building that was modular, allowing for future expansion, and one that would express the modern and global direction of the […]

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Banjarejo Market


Located about 110 kilometres west of Surabaya (capital of East Java), Bojonegoro is the capital of the Bojonegoro Regency. The architecture firm was requested by the current Regent of Bojonegoro, Kang Yoto, to support efforts of reviving the city with several projects such as waterfront refurbishment; pocket parks; a micro library; and rebuilding the Banjarejo […]

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Suasana Putrajaya


Lying along the main boulevard in Precinct 2 in Putrajaya, the Suasana Putrajaya building has received the Green Building Index (GBI) silver rating (provisional) in 2014 and is scheduled to be completed by the middle of this year. It is designed to fulfil the owner Putrajaya Holdings’ vision of having an anchor project within the mixed-use development […]

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Atlas Hotel in Hoi An


The Atlas Hotel is located in Hoi An’s Old Town, an area that has rapidly grown since it was officially declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. Recently, most of the ancient houses have been converted into modern shops and restaurants that serve the daily influx of tourists. The neighbourhood is well known for its tiled-roofscape and […]

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Green Awards 2017


The brief for FuturArc Prize 2017 asked if it’s possible for a standalone building to become a catalyst for a wider systemic change. Is every new development, small or big, capable of common good? The implicit critique here is that buildings do not do enough when they seek to be Green, as we know it. Improvements to […]

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