The Intercontinental Hotel Songjiang

A hotel built out of an abandoned quarry is not a common endeavour. So once something like that is constructed, it can be a breathtaking sight to behold. The InterContinental Hotel Songjiang will be one such example. Located in Tianma Mountain, Songjiang, Shanghai, the quarry pit is nearly 100 metres deep, surrounded by cliffs, with a pool that came […]

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Myrtle Garden Hotel

Shaped like an infinity loop overlapping another curvilinear structure, the Myrtle Garden Hotel is a striking piece of architecture that attempts to blend into the surrounding landscape. It sits within the largest myrtle flower garden in Asia, and is partially ‘inserted’ into the slope of a small hill, giving it a continuity with the topography. Myrtle Garden Hotel will […]

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Waikiki Wetland Resort


Waikiki in Hawaiian means spouting fresh water, which refers to the springs and streams that feed into the wetlands. Drawing from that name, Waikiki Wetland Resort is situated in a distinctive and sensitive ecosystem along the Konkan coast in India, somewhere along the borders of the state of Maharashtra and Goa. It is developed on a 6-hectare site on […]

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Arjuna Hotel Batu


Against a scenic backdrop of mountainous topography, Arjuna Hotel Batu sits quaintly along a main road.  The site planning was conceptualised as a kampung, an indigenous settlement that promotes social interactions. The colour scheme and materials reference nature—wood, exposed stones and Portland cement—blending the building into the surroundings. Employing traditional methods of brickmaking, the architects were able to keep […]

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Katamama Hotel


Dominated by red bricks that were intentionally left exposed, Katamama Hotel is a 58-suite boutique hotel that places an emphasis on modern designs with the use of traditional materials that are customised with local craftsmanship. The architect sought to express and embed the vernacular form of Balinese architecture in a new way, celebrating the essence of a classic […]

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