We are all living in a material world

We Are All Living In A Material World by Miriel Ko For architects, designers and builders alike, the selection of materials can differentiate between projects, which only adds to the complexity. How one develops their style, builds their material palette or efficiently constructs and uses materials is a large part of the design process. It not only affects the shape and form of […]

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Bill Browning

NK: What motivated your work in Green buildings? And how did you get involved in biophilic design? BB: As a child I lived in Okinawa, Germany and the United States and experienced different ways of thinking about the built environment. I was most interested in architecture and nature. I went to the University of Colorado for […]

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Container for living


This home comprises four containers of different colours that overlap one another and are arranged crosswise. These containers are deliberately functionalised for secondary needs such as a hobby room, mostly because the space is limited and thermal comfort is below average. However, they have fixed several additional layers on the roof to lower the temperature. These include installing wire […]

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Greenhouse by Muir


Nestled in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Greenhouse by Muir is a three-storey building that houses four different restaurants, a café and a fully equipped bakery kitchen—each has its own story and distinctive ambience. The client had a vision of having a space that functions as a restaurant and promotes urban farming to the community. PROJECT DATA   Project Name […]

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Vegan House


Standing amidst other traditional narrow ‘tube houses’ in Ho Chi Minh City, the Vegan House cannot be missed. With a quaint exterior of recycled window shutters painted in bright colours, this building draws attention with its creative façade. Look deeper and one will come to realise that the architect has redeveloped most of this house […]

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Material Choices


Occasionally, a topic comes along that speaks to the gaps in knowledge more than the solutions. This issue—on building materials—is one of those occasions. Some materials are bad for us, the building occupants. Some materials are bad for the planet—this relates to the choice of source, methods of extraction and processing. We are told to stick […]

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Sharanam Centre for rural development


Built at the edge of a rural landscape ravaged by illegal quarrying, the Sharanam Centre for Rural Development enables a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) to expand its community-led transformation of chronically underdeveloped villages outside Pondicherry, India. Meaning ‘refuge’, Sharanam comprises a large vaulted hall, offices, kitchen, gardens and environmental infrastructure integrated into a healed 5-acre […]

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Ilima Primary School


The Ilima Primary School is a community school located in a deep and remote part of a Congolese jungle village. Its isolated site and harsh tropical climate make the construction of permanent structures challenging1. The architects overcame such constraints by seizing local opportunities—they optimised the construction process by applying vernacular materials in creative ways, and […]

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The Vietnamese restaurant HOMEFOOD is a local project that has been refurbished from an old building built in the 1980s. With the aim of having a clear and light design, the architects used vernacular materials and building techniques in a modern manner to integrate the project into the surroundings. The laterite walls have been constructed […]

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