The problem of public space: Singapore as case study

While many aspects of Singapore’s development have been described internationally in glowing terms, the island’s public spaces have often faced a cooler response. Rem Koolhaas—one of Singapore’s admirers—described the national landscape as a laboratory of “willed ugliness,”i where aesthetic and social banality is designed at a micro level. As Pasi Falk and Colin Campbell have […]

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Nest We Grow

The primary purpose of Nest We Grow—a food hub that is part garden, part kitchen—is to bring the community together to store, prepare and enjoy local foods in a welcoming and festive atmosphere that touches all five senses. An open, public structure, it was completed in just over six months due to a short building […]

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The Pinch, The Sweep and The Warp


Two architects from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) have collaborated on building a series of timber structures, together with the local community and HKU students, as part of post-earthquake revitalisation projects in the province of Yunnan, China. The project series, which was done in three instalments—The Pinch, The Sweep and The Warp—explored wood construction […]

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The Mumbai Esplanade Project


Mumbai is a metropolis crumbling under the weight of the expectations of millions who call her home; its physical character and spatial environment have deteriorated over the years. The railway network, likened to the lifeline of the city, is now threatened by the surrounding areas that are severely overcrowded and hostile for commuters and pedestrians. Improvement to […]

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Floating Fields


Floating Fields is a productive pondscape that doubles up as a leisure venue, demonstrating how architectural design can integrate concepts of aquaponics and algae cultivation, self-cleansing water cycle and sustainable food production. Premised on a vision for reliving the city, the project aspires to low-carbon urban living by creating enjoyable and engaging public space based […]

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Oasis Terraces


This project proposal is an architectural demonstration of one of the key visions for Punggol: the close integration of community and landscape. Developed by Singapore’s Housing & Development Board (HDB), with the Ministry of Health (MOH) as the joint stakeholder, the project will provide the main public amenities for HDB residents in the area. Currently under construction, […]

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Urban Public Spaces in Bandung


A number of urban public spaces with different themes have sprung up in Bandung, the capital of West Java in Indonesia. Ridwan Kamil—one of the founders of architecture and urban design firm Urbane Indonesia—has established various social communities such as the Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) to raise awareness about neglected parks before he became […]

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Social Space/Public Space


Asian cities face a crisis of public space. This is not just the neglect or fragmentation of public space, it is also a loss of meaning that is critical to the making of social space. Part of the ongoing challenge is that public space is undervalued in city planning, partly that it is misunderstood. The […]

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Bathroom Series


EDITION 400 is a bathroom concept that allows for customisation of design. The range includes an exclusive washing area with a washbasin and vanity unit, and is available upon request as a custom solution or freely combinable side units. […]

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Swimming Pool Technology


Pentair Aquatic Systems is a global one-stop manufacturer of swimming pool equipment and accessories with high-quality, efficient and long-lasting products. The company provides the latest energy-saving pool equipment to top commercial and residential projects. […]

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Grate Panels


Making full use of its flexibility, Jonite’s customisation and design services allow grate panels to create bold and inventive concepts that reflect the creative freedom of landscape architects and designers. […]

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