Tony’s Organic House

Following a successful collaboration for a multifunctional building complex at Tony’s Farm (also featured in FuturArc Showcase in the July-August 2013 issue), the architects have been approached by the owner with yet another project— this time to redevelop a building in Shanghai with the aim of promoting an organic lifestyle. The main purpose of the […]

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KuRVe 7

THE COMMUNITY MALL The owner of this project saw a potential in his land being developed as part of a dense residential atmosphere at the Krungthep Kreetha district, in the eastern part of Bangkok. It was immediately decided that this 9,600-square-metre site was to be an outdoor shopping arcade in order to respond to the lifestyles of […]

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Dill Haat In Janakpuri


Located in the western part of New Delhi, Dilli Haat Janakpuri is a space that celebrates and sells diversity. DESIGN AND PLANNING The complex is planned on a northwest-facing 6-acre piece of land that turns southeast towards the end. It has the main bus terminus on one side, the national prison green on the other […]

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Reviving local culture heritage


Schemata Architects has completed the refurbishment of two minimalist retail buildings in Tokyo that enhance local character and revitalise the surrounding neighbourhoods. The first is a traditional rice store, while the second is a modern roastery/coffee shop. Both integrate with and serve the needs of the community, while taking into account Green building concepts. OKOMEYA The building has a […]

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‘Recharged’ Kilang Bateri


Kilang Bateri is an excellent example of how adaptive reuse and Green architecture can be used to revitalise urban neighbourhoods, and as a springboard for economic growth among the local community and to create an attractive place to draw people into the area. Located in Tampoi industrial area near downtown Johor Bahru, Kilang Bateri, built […]

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Retail Therapy


The world of retail has become painfully monotonous. Malls are the same everywhere. They sell the same brands; the same labels. There is no community space—nowhere in a mall where you can just be (unless you are prepared to dish out $5 for a latte). And let’s also agree on this: the Green mall, with […]

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Glass for a Green Façade


Some of the in-house products manufactured by DDG Glass include heatstrengthened glass; tempered glass; heat-soaked glass; insulated glass; laminated safety glass; anti-bandit glass; laser-engraved glass; painted glass; and patterned glass. They also supply glass products that enhance energy efficiency, such as low-emissivity (low-E) glass, solar control glass and digitally-printed glass. […]

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Reinventing the mall


THE RETAIL LANDSCAPE Today, shopping malls have a few reasons to reinvent themselves to reflect a more sustainable retail market and how shoppers truly want to shop. For one, retail centres are one of the largest industries in the world and with it, one of the most costly. Considered venues for consumption, they cost upwards […]

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