X2 River Kwai

Commercial / Sep - Oct 2016

X2 River Kwai

July 22, 2016

X2 River Kwai is a resort located on the Khwae Noi River in the province of Kanchanaburi, which played an important role in the past centuries during the Thai-Burmese conflict. The resort’s design was an attempt to be part of the local context by applying local design and building techniques in a progressive way. Thus, the architecture adopted a similar kind of light structural system with triangulated steel members, which was used to create ‘flying’ or floating elements that were incorporated into the resort in the form of ‘flying’ decks and private raft terraces.



Project Name X2 River Kwai blank
Location Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Completion Date July 2014
Site Area 3 acres
Gross Floor Area Land: 3,023 square metres; water: 110 square meters/unit
Number of Rooms 20
Buidling Height 7 meters
Client Owners Gekko Industries Co., Ltd
Architecture Firm agaligo studio
Principal Architects Sitt Therakomen
Main Contractor Gekko Industries Co., Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer Gekko Industries Co., Ltd
Civil & Structural Engineer Land: M-Square Engineering and Management Co. Ltd; water: Chainarong Siegpraipan
Images/Photos agaligo studio

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